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Peace & Prosperity This site is intended to help those in or seeking recovery from addiction to alcohol.  I am a recovering alcoholic & understand the pain and suffering that alcohol abuse can bring into one's life.

Here you will find links & information on support & recovery groups, as well as email & discussion groups, treatment centers and various related material that may assist you in your walk in sobriety.

I have found a great deal of serenity though this program, that I thought never possible, and I pray you will find your "Higher Power" close to you each day.
John L.

This is a photograph of the co-founders of the movement of Alcoholics Anonymous.  Dr. Bob Smith and Bill Wilson.  These two men changed the way alcoholics were viewed & treated and showed the world a way that any alcoholic, if willing, could regain a happy, joyous and free life again!

Recovery LinderWEB.net is designed to assist true survivors of alcoholism that practice the steps daily and want to help others by sharing the message. The program of Alcoholics Anonymous offers a great resource for help and support in order to facilitate the recovery from the addition to alcohol.

My site is a basic source of information about the program; it is based solely on my experience and what I have learned from others with longer sobriety than me, especially my Sponsor & other winners in the program. I hope you will find something on these pages that will help you. There are links in the dropdown menus at the top of this page that will direct you to professional sites that may assist you further.

For additional information about Recovery Linder
WEB's activities or other recovery related information please, visit our Contact Page and send us your thoughts.
Updated on: 07/19/2007
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